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Bidderford High School Project Sunrise06/016:30PM
Woodland HS Project Grad06/032:00PM
Saint James School Project Grad06/034:00PM
Falmouth HS Project Grad 201706/0411:00PM
John Bapst HS Project Grad06/048:00PM
Yarmouth HS Project Grad06/0412:00PM
Washington Academy Project Grad06/059:00PM
Winslow High School Project Grad06/077:00PM
Deering HIgh School Project Grad06/0712:00PM
Center Drive School Graduation06/085:00PM
Messalonskee HS Project Grad06/089:00PM
Presque Isle High School Project Grad06/0912:00PM
Easton High School Project Grad06/0910:00PM
Lawrence High School Project Grad06/0911:00PM
Lewiston High School Project Grad06/0911:00PM
Hall Dale HS Project Grad06/1010:00PM
Wisdom High School Project Grad06/1011:00PM
Leavitt Area High School Project Grad06/117:30PM
Bangor High School Project Grad06/118:00PM
Mt. Ararat High School Project Grad06/116:00PM
Dr Levesque Elementary School06/148:30AM
Sanford HS Project Grad06/1410:30PM
Katahdin HS Project grad06/178:30PM
White Mountain Regional High School Project grad06/179:00PM
Kennett High School Project Grad06/183:30AM
Dominos Corporate Party06/1811:00PM
China Middle School 8th Grad Graduation06/1911:00PM
Falmouth 6th Grade end of school party06/231:30PM
Luke's 8th Birthday06/2412:30PM
Mapleton Daze06/2410:00AM
Carnival Day06/271:30PM
Cary Meeting06/299:30AM
New Sweden School Fun Day06/305:00PM
Laser Tag Links
Event Name Date Time
Bidderford High School Project Sunrise 06/01/17 6:30 PM
Woodland HS Project Grad 06/03/17 2:00 PM
Saint James School Project Grad 06/03/17 4:00 PM
Falmouth HS Project Grad 2017 06/04/17 11:00 PM
John Bapst HS Project Grad 06/04/17 8:00 PM
Yarmouth HS Project Grad 06/04/17 12:00 PM
Washington Academy Project Grad 06/05/17 9:00 PM
Winslow High School Project Grad 06/07/17 7:00 PM
Deering HIgh School Project Grad 06/07/17 12:00 PM
Center Drive School Graduation 06/08/17 5:00 PM
Messalonskee HS Project Grad 06/08/17 9:00 PM
Presque Isle High School Project Grad 06/09/17 12:00 PM
Easton High School Project Grad 06/09/17 10:00 PM
Lawrence High School Project Grad 06/09/17 11:00 PM
Lewiston High School Project Grad 06/09/17 11:00 PM
Hall Dale HS Project Grad 06/10/17 10:00 PM
Wisdom High School Project Grad 06/10/17 11:00 PM
Leavitt Area High School Project Grad 06/11/17 7:30 PM
Bangor High School Project Grad 06/11/17 8:00 PM
Mt. Ararat High School Project Grad 06/11/17 6:00 PM
Dr Levesque Elementary School 06/14/17 8:30 AM
Sanford HS Project Grad 06/14/17 10:30 PM
Katahdin HS Project grad 06/17/17 8:30 PM
White Mountain Regional High School Project grad 06/17/17 9:00 PM
Kennett High School Project Grad 06/18/17 3:30 AM
Dominos Corporate Party 06/18/17 11:00 PM
China Middle School 8th Grad Graduation 06/19/17 11:00 PM
Falmouth 6th Grade end of school party 06/23/17 1:30 PM
Luke's 8th Birthday 06/24/17 12:30 PM
Mapleton Daze 06/24/17 10:00 AM
Carnival Day 06/27/17 1:30 PM
Cary Meeting 06/29/17 9:30 AM
New Sweden School Fun Day 06/30/17 5:00 PM
Next Special Event
Mapleton Daze06/2410:00AM
<June 2017>
Laser Tag Hartford Maine - Carnival Day LIVE ACTION LASER TAG AT ITS BEST!
Event Details : Carnival Day
Hosted By: G-Force Laser Tag dba G-Force Adventures
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Event Type:Private Camp Event
Location: Hartford
Description:                                       Laser Tag Signup
Come join us for Carnival Day at Camp Wekeela!

Battle it out in our Bounce House Jousting Arena and in our Sumo Wrestling Arena!

Careful you don't get knocked out in our intense game of Wrecking Ball

Think you're a Ninja Warrier? Try not to Wipe Out in Tumble Alley!

Battle your friends in our Jump Shot Basketbal Challenge then enjoy some of our many carnival snacks we will have on site!

Last but not least we will have our new Archery Tag! An intense 8v8 game where you use special bows and arrows to compete "dodgeball" style.

 G-force Laser Tag