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UMPI Homecoming Weekend10/0110:30AM
Laser tag at the Aroostook Centre Mall10/011:00PM
Cumberland Fair10/0110:00AM
G Force Laser tag at the Aroostook Centre Mall10/021:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0212:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0312:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0412:00PM
Anson After School Program10/053:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0512:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0612:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0712:00PM
Baileyville October Fest10/0812:00PM
Skowhegan Savings Bank Employee Health Fair10/0810:00AM
Laser Tag at the aAroostook Centre Mall10/081:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0812:00PM
G Force Laser tag at the Aroostook Centre Mall10/091:00PM
Fryeburg Fair10/0912:00PM
Laser Tag @ The Aroostook Center Mall10/101:00PM
Laser Ta@ The Aroostook Center Mall10/111:00PM
G Force Laser tag at the Aroostook Centre Mall10/151:00PM
Thomas College Homecoming10/1510:00AM
G Force Laser Tag at the Aroostook Centre mall10/161:00PM
Wigs for Kids Literacy Night/Fundraiser10/214:00PM
Thomas College10/216:00PM
Glenburn Elementary School10/215:30PM
Alfond Youth Center Laser Tag Fun Night10/213:00PM
G Force Laser Tag at the Aroostook Centre Mall10/221:00PM
Ryan's 10th Birthday10/225:00PM
Laser Tag at the Aroostook Centre Mall10/231:00PM
Anthony's 11th Birthday10/232:00PM
Maine Family Health Fair10/274:00PM
Easton Rec Dept Laser Tag Fun Day10/2812:15PM
G Force Laser tag at the Aroostook Centre Mall10/291:00PM
Keleb's 14th & Noah's 12th Birthdays10/291:00PM
Fort Fairfield National Honor Society Fun Day10/293:00PM
Caden's 14th Birthday10/292:00PM
G Force Laser tag at the Aroostook centre mall10/301:00PM
Davey's 9th Birthday10/3012:00PM
Little Bulldogs Football Banquet10/3011:00AM
Laser Tag Links
Event Name Date Time
MSSM Summner Camp 07/01/15 2:00 PM
Eastport July 4Homecoming 07/02/15 9:00 AM
Camp Wekeela Carnival Day 07/04/15 1:30 PM
Merrow July 4th Party 07/04/15 1:30 PM
Bridgton Sports Camp Laser Tag 07/05/15 1:00 PM
Easton Field Days 07/08/15 5:00 PM
MSSM Summner Camp 07/08/15 2:00 PM
Boys & Girls Club Of Greater Gardnier 07/09/15 2:00 PM
Curtis Memorial Library Laser Tag Night 07/10/15 7:30 PM
Jack's 8th Birthday 07/11/15 5:00 PM
Wagon Wheel RV & Resort Campground Laser Tag Fun Day 07/11/15 6:00 PM
Logan's 14th B-Day Party 07/12/15 3:00 PM
Camp Waziyatah 07/13/15 10:30 AM
PIHS Visiting Student Laser Tag Day 07/15/15 1:00 PM
MSSM Summner Camp 07/15/15 2:00 PM
Scarborough Community Services laser Tag Fun Day 07/16/15 8:30 AM
KBIA Camp 07/16/15 6:00 PM
Lincoln Homecoming 07/17/15 11:00 AM
Sebago Days 07/17/15 5:00 PM
Kingfield Days 07/18/15 2:00 PM
Lincoln Homecoming 07/18/15 10:00 AM
Sebago Days 07/18/15 12:00 PM
Camp Skylemar LAser Tag Day 07/19/15 10:00 AM
MSSM Summner Camp 07/22/15 2:00 PM
Paige's 12 B-day 07/24/15 1:00 PM
Camp Skylemar Field Day 07/25/15 6:30 PM
Island Fall's Kid's Day 07/25/15 12:30 PM
Roy Wedding 07/25/15 12:00 PM
Camp takajo Laser Tag Day 07/26/15 10:00 AM
Camp Wekeela Laser Tag Day 07/27/15 10:00 AM
Manchester Elementary School 5th Grade Grad Party 07/28/15 1:30 PM
MSSM Summner Camp 07/29/15 2:00 PM
The Bangor State Fair 07/31/15 12:00 PM
<July 2015>
Laser Tag Sebago Maine - Sebago Days LIVE ACTION LASER TAG AT ITS BEST!
Event Details : Sebago Days
Hosted By: G Force Adventures
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Event Type:Public
Location: Sebago
Description:                                       Laser Tag Signup
G Force Adventures will br returning to Sebago Days with our G Force Laser Tag and our Human Gyroscope!

Look for us at 283 Sebago Rd (Rt 114 11) Just behind the Sebago Elementary School

Play Laser Tag for $3 per game, $10 for 4 games or $15 for the day.

Ride the Gyro for just $5 per ride.

 G-force Laser Tag